The guy and you will Luna help Yusei, just who it respect and you can support, in his Duels

When you are cruising close Eco-friendly Bit on the pirate watercraft, the fresh Tontatta Pirates satisfied a floating Tartes vessel that have Pound in it. [65] Brand new staff then got him for the Dressrosa vent. [66]

Leo, short for Leonard, labeled as Lua in the Japanese adaptation, often romanized as Rua (pick below), try Luna’s twin brother, and you can is among the many Signers exactly who owned one’s heart Mark of the Dragon (and merely other Signer apart from Yusei Fudo, who has been in a position to weaken the fresh “Meklord Emperors” [6] [7] [8] ). Leo is the more mature dual of these two features a beneficial lively and blundering identification. The guy with his sister have a great vignette prior to each occurrence in the dark Signers arc also known as cards of the times.


Leo’s dress is much like their sister’s; they includes a primary-sleeved light jacket more than an excellent sleeveless dark blue shirt having golden scars one to range from Luna’s clothing. The guy together with wears light jeans having a deep blue belt and you will blue footwear of the identical color. Leo comes with a wristband for each hand, along with his blue-green hair is drawn on the an individual, higher ponytail that have one or two shoulder-length fucks towards both sides away from their deal with but once the guy does not use it up (such as whenever he or she is asleep) it appears as though Luna’s in identical disease. The guy carries a Duel Computer that have a blue and you will white skinny with the their left arm, which was to start with too-big to suit up to Yusei modified it.

Towards the certified instances, he wears a bluish match that have a white top and bluish bowtie under the coat, and you can black loafers which have light, knee-higher socks. When they are asleep, he wears light-blue sleepwear. When in school, he wears the newest Duel Academy guys uniform that have an eco-friendly back pack.


Leo are a dynamic character (on the dub they are most carefree and you can serves dumbly), it is shown to get significant in the event the disease needs it. Sporadically he’ll question his ability but his sibling Luna constantly appears towards the your for support. He started out since cocky and you will clear on himself, however, turned old and you may cautious since the show progressed.

He or she is together with proven to be most perceptive inside 12 months 2, as he instantly believed some thing wasn’t right about Lester actually when he hadn’t acted suspicious but really. [9] He’s including shown to maybe not keep grudges facing those who spoil their aunt once they transform the indicates, particularly which have Aporia. [10]


Even when the guy looks normal at first glance, Leo has many types of function and then he is in some way talk to Luna, no matter if she is from the Heart Globe. In addition, it awoke their regarding the woman coma when she was around three years of age. The guy may get into the latest Spirit Business when the Luna repeatedly calls out to him when you’re she’s indeed there, because the seen for the Duel with Professor Frank. Whenever Luna was actually hypnotized by Frank, Leo entered a hypnotic trance also (for unexplained need), and finally dropped involuntary shortly after usually contacting out over Luna. But not, the guy cannot seem to be conscious of any kind of which [11] [12]


Linework of the Kazuki Takahashi has revealed the japanese labels of your own twins to be Rua and you can Ruka. But when the labels featured typed out in the japanese anime, these were Lua and Luca. The latest varying from inside the labels are due to Japanese sound system pronouncing “L” and BDSM Sites dating review you may “R” just like the exact same voice. As he Dueled Haley on Japanese comic strip, their name are spelled Rua. In the event that twins Dueled Lester the names had been spelled Lua and Luca.